No display on power up?!

Asus P5KC
Intel 6850
2x Ballistix 1gb
Corsair HX650W
Asus 8800GT

Came home to find machine switched off. Powered back up, normally GPU fan peaks for a moment then drops, then bios screen pops up. GPU fan rises and stays up, no display. Various LEDS on motherboard on, and it seems to detect memory is missing(see below).

Removed GPU and fitted working 8600gt(without fan) powered up, no display.
Removed RAM, powered up, beep beep beep. Ok it's moaning memory isn't there.
Checked 4pin feed to motherboard, both rails 12v.

After chatting with mates, decided it could be faulty PCiexpress port perhaps, so ordered new motherboard, nope same issue. Power up, then nothing.

Things i haven't verified -

Additional feeds on psu.

So it looks like an RMA for the new motherboard, don't really want to keep pi$$ing in the wind so to speak! Any advice appreciated.

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  1. I would focus on the RAM first. Have you tried each stick of RAM by itself in the first RAM slot? My guess would be that one stick of RAM has died. You now need to figure out which one it is.

    Here's some more troubleshooting ideas:
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