Ati 4850 wont output anything through HDMI but works fine with DVI

So i got the parts for my HTPC yesterday. Everything worked fine last night and this morning, outputting video through the sapphire ATI 4850 cards HDMI port perfectly.

I opened up the case a few hours ago to tidy up the wires with cable ties and when i tried to start up the HTPC afterwards there was nothing coming up on the tv. I checked all the connections, reseated the 4850, tested the HDMI cable, the tvs HDMI port, made sure the tv was set to HDMI and still nothing.

I then plugged it into my lcd screen through dvi and everything works perfectly.

How can it work fine via DVI but get nothing over HDMI all of a sudden? Have i screwed up the HDMI port somehow? Or is it software related?

Thanks for your help.
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  1. It could be the HDMI cable. I went cheap on one and couldn't get anything to display and it turned out to be my Fry's 9 dollar special HDMI cable holding up the works.
  2. *update* just tried connecting the HTPC to my tv via HDMI and my monitor via DVI at the same time. The ccc knew the tv was there but nothing came up on the tv, whatever i did.
  3. The hdmi cable worked fine with it last night and the cable works perfectly with my dvd player still, seems to be something at the pc end rather than the cable or tv.
  4. i only started doing all the windows updates today, could it be a driver issue that just coincided with my tidying up the cables in the case?
  5. Anything is possible. May want to make sure everything is seated all the way though.
  6. roofus said:
    Anything is possible. May want to make sure everything is seated all the way though.

    I did unplug and replug in everything apart from the cpu and ram. The system runs perfectly over DVI so i cant see that theres anything wrong with anything but the HDMI port.

    I also tried disconnecting the hard drive and starting up the pc. If it was software id at least get the bios pop up, but the tv just doesn't register anything at all.

    Im thinking there was either something wrong with the card or ive wrenched the hdmi port somehow and damaged it.
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