O/C a E8500 with 1066 DDR2 - Am I heading in the right direction?

Alright, so I'm relatively new to over clocking so excuse any fatal mistakes I may have made!

First up here are my system specs:
Default FSB: 333
Core 2 Duo E8500 (Defaults to 3.16Ghz 1.25V (9.5 multiplier))
PCI Express: Auto
2x2GB Corsair 1066MHz DDR2 RAM CT25664AA1067 (7-7-7-24 Timing)
Cooler master fans (Incl. in 331 Elite case)

And heres what I believe I should O/C to:
Edit:These settings appear to be quite unstable and slow. Any ideas?
FSB: 444
8.0x Multiplier
PCI Express: Auto (Or should I change this to 100)
Sys Mem Multiplier (SPD):2.40B = 1066MHz

Edit:Changing the multiplier seems to only change one core

I have not touched the Voltages and timings as I'm not looking for a massive over clock, combined with the fact I have researched, and still have little idea as to how the timings affect my over clock as they seem to be related to just latency.

Considering that my suggested over clock is probably not the most viable option could anyone suggest any improvements to over clock this machine?
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  1. Did you read our basic guide? It's very good and simple.
    About the PCI Express you can either set it to auto or manually set it to 100. Personally I did it manually.
    If the settings are unstable you can either slow things down a bit (lower multiplier or FSB) or raise the voltage a wee little bit
  2. Yes, i can help u, only because i run a E8500 OC for 4 years now,

    My settings on Corsair Dominator 1066 : (8gb)

    Clock settings 5-5-5-15

    Rated FSB on 400 MHz

    Multiplier x9,5 = 3.81 GHz

    i Also changed my Northbridge voltage by .0200 because in some issues the Northbridge becomes unstable ( high power consuming by your RAM modules)

    I did this on a Asus P5 Pro Turbo

    With Corsair power suppy 750TX
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