Open box MSI GD-65?

i was thinking about buying the MSI GD-65 for my new i-3 gaming build. it supports x8/x8 pci so its sli certified. however, this board is 160$ including shipping. theres also an open-box for 113 including shipping. both are from newegg

you guys think its safe to buy an open-box motherboard?

The first link is the new, the second link is the open box

thanks for the insight
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    An open box means that the board has been previously sold and then returned for whatever reason. The original price is $159.99 and the open box item is $104.99 (almost one third less), meaning the box is probably missing everything that originally came with the board from the factory, except the board itself. Probably no I/O Shield, HDD cables, manual, application CD, etc.
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