Should I upgrade? from Intel E6750 to AMD 955 BE C3


Want to get some suggestions and opinion from you all, should I upgrade or not?

Currently I'm still using ABIT IP35-E motherboard purchased back in summer 2007, and running with Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 @ 3.7Ghz.

The new AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE revision C3 got my attention as it can run at 4Ghz on air. If you were me, will you upgrade? or will you wait?
Since I still want to run my old DDR2 memory, this is the combo that I have been thinking about for the past 2 days... open to suggestion. Thanks!
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  1. Nice motherboard. nice cpu. nice prices. nice discount. jump for it.
    on par, per core, per clock rate, a phenom II x2 at say 3GHz will perform the same as a core 2 duo at 2.8GHz. So if you can overclock to 4GHz you will be getting a quad core of what you have now pretty much.

    Personally I would be torn. on the one hand, good deal, on the other AMDs bulldozer will come out in 2011 to compete with the i7.
  2. thanks for the reply enzo matrix.

    how does the amd 770 chipset compare with 790gx or 785g?
  3. Depends on if you plan to use the integrated graphics. I believe they have pretty much the same features.
    What will you be using the computer for and do you plan to use the integrated graphics?
  4. If you're already running a 775 platform, you can also consider the
    or q9550 if you live near a microcenter for the same cost or less. Being DDR2 ram, that is going to be the sticking point to a high OC especially if its 800mhz. You should still do well though.

    Are you lacking in performance that a 3.7ghz C2D isn't cutting it? If its just CPU envy, I'd wait and save for the i5 750 and do a full platform upgrade.
  5. enzo, if i buy the amd setup, i'll bring the radeon 5770 over as well.

    skora; i'll look into the intel Q9400 or Q9550, yes there is a microcenter near by. i don't think i'm lacking in performance, but more is always nice and i will admit it's more of cpu envy of that 4ghz mark.

    you know... it's one of those feeling when you just haven't done any upgrade in a while.... itchy feeling
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