Whats the best video card for an OLD pc

i have a 6 year OLD Dell Dimension 2350, that i have been upgrading (as far as its possible to do so with such an old machine)...
maxed out the RAM to 1GB, added a new PSU (500W), and new nVidia GeForce video card (8400GS).
its a pretty decent machine, for what thats worth, it does its job good for what i need, but recently, i've been wanting to try some games that apparently, this old thing doesnt quite have the guts for, so, i want to know what is the best possible video card that is "not" PCIe or AGP since my pc is only capable of using a regular old PCI card.
the nVIdia 8400GS i recently bought, i thought would make a world of difference, and it does indeed in comparison to the onboard chip thing, but i want to know what is the best possible PCI card out there.
btw...i KNOW i need a new pc but thats just not possible at this time, i need to keep this old Dino-Putersaur running for as long as i can.
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    The problem is not the card but the very limited bandwidth (data transfer speed) of the PCI bus itself which is half the speed of the slowest AGP connection .
    The'Egg has some 9500GTs but I'm not sure they'll be much of an upgrade over your current card, I suspect the PCI bus will simply strangle the faster card.
    Sorry to be the bearer of such bad news at such a financilally challenging time:(
    Look here:

    Or you could try hunting around the local classifieds, Craiglist and E-bay for a machine with an AGP slot or replacement box.
  2. honestly your best bet is to just start saving money for a new computer, money spent on an old computer for obsolete tech is just not worth it
  3. thx guys for confirming what i thought was my only option...
    wait till when i can get a new pc...
    altho i've upgraded what i have as far as it can go, it does suffice for the basics that i need it for at this time...
    me trying some games will have to wait.
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