No boot, no BIOS, no beep!

For the past couple of months my computer has been randomly shutting down without a blue screen or the slightest warning. When I reset it, most of the time it would boot back up, but sometimes I would have to make a few attempts at restarting it.

Today, my computer randomly shut down without warning and will NOT start up at all. Normally, it would show the XFX BIOS screen, beep twice, then once, and proceed to the screen to let me choose which OS I want to boot. Lately, it has been showing the BIOS screen and beeping four times, then proceeding normally. Today it is not doing ANYTHING.

I tested the RAM as I normally would to no avail. When I removed all my RAM, nothing happened. I know that removing all RAM then booting should cause the Motherboard to beep continuously, but it is not.

I have a nVidia 750a SLI nForce Motherboard.

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  1. I assume that prior to this last time you verified that the Temps (CPU primarily) and voltages out of the PSU were within spec.

    Since you are getting nothing, I would check the PSU. From the sounds of it, either your PSU is not providing the Voltages, or the Motherboard is preventing the PSU from starting up.

    Do any of your Fans work??
  2. Yes, all my fans and lights are working. My hard drives are spinning, my DVD drive is going, it's just refusing to boot.
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