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Looking for cheapest pre-built PC for ARC GIS map authoring. I am old school DB developer, never game (fps not an issue but need something cheap to run arc gis maps). Would a basic AMD Athlon II X2 240 Dual-Core Processor be adequate?

Also, Can I get away with some of the integrated graphics cards in the budget PC's? (i.e. NVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE - shared memory but ..up to 1GB according to specs?). If I am not gaming is this going to work for map re-fresh rate?
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  1. Sorry, what exactly is needed for ARC GIS mapping? I'm assuming your apps can take advantage of multi-core CPUs?
  2. I can not speak for the person posting but I have some experience with ArcGIS and it really does not benefit from multi core procs. What you want to focus on is memory, so 64 bit is nice to get more then ~4gigs, and a decent video card. Basically everything you would need for a gaming machine running games that also don't take advantage of multi-threaded processors.
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