Case air flow

okay im wondering if adding a side 120mm intake would help out with some extra airflow. my current setup:
120mm-44CFM Front(lower) Intake
1-140mm Silenx 48CFM Top Exhaust
1-140mm Coolermaster 60CFM Top Exhaust
1-120mm Silenx 74CFM Rear(top) Exhaust

Here is the case with arrows drawn to show air flow. I suck with paint, btw.

with all the outtake is that a bad thing? my temps are pretty good. just wondering if there is too much negitive?/positive pressure. and if adding a side air fan would help even it out a little.
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    I'd put another fan for intake to help with the positive pressure. I try to keep mine slightly positive so it's not pulling air through weird holes in the case. Positive pressure can 'direct' air better IMO.
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