PCI-e slot not working - Is it broken?

I'm just finishing up my first build... building an HTPC. Got everything working fine, but the system is not recognizing a Hauppauge 1250 TV tuner card that I've got in the PCI-e slot.

My Biostar TA785G3 board only has one PCI-e slot, so I can't test the card in another slot. However, I don't think it's the card because I returned the first one I got thinking that was the problem, and now the second one has the same issue.

When I boot Windows with the card in, the Add a Device Wizard doesn't pop up. When I try to manually add a device in the control panel, it doesn't detect that anything is there.

I've already reset my BIOS and cleared the CMOS with no luck. Is my PCI-e slot just dead or is there something else I can try?
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  1. Can you see it in the device manager?
  2. No, it doesn't show up in the device manager. And when I click on "Add a Device" within the device manager, Windows just searches for a long a time and never finds it.
  3. Just in case someone has a similar problem, here's what happened...

    Tech support at Biostar told me that Hauppauge products are not compatible with Win7. I told the guy that they have Win7 drivers and support on their website, but he assured me that Hauppauge stuff won't work in Win7 and that it's not my mobo.

    So, I went back to Frys and returned the TV tuner card and bought a new Hauppauge top-of-the-line TV tuner (WinTV-HVR-2250) that says right on the front of the box that it's Windows 7 compatible.

    Got home, plugged it in, booted up and... nothing. Windows still didn't recognize it.

    I installed all the drivers from the CD, installed all the updated drivers from the Hauppauge website, ran the card setup and everything and... nothing. It still didn't show up in my device manager. Windows still didn't seem to recognize it at all.

    But then just to make sure, I went into Media Center and ran a TV tuner scan... AND ALL THE CHANNELS SUDDENLY POPPED UP.

    Now, I've got it working like a charm. Picture looks great. Everything is running smoothly.

    Windows still doesn't seem to recognize that the card is there, but as long as it's working, I don't really care.
  4. Hauppauge not compatible with Win7? Give me a break. The Biostar guys were giving you the run around. Still, that's a weird story. Glad you got it working. I'm debating between the 1250 and 2250 right now (2250 is just a dual tuner version of 1250). But I'm using MythTV on Kubuntu. So, that should be a lot of fun...
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