I920/hd 5870 Which Power Supply Should I Choose?

ok so i went with the core i7 920 and an hd 5870 but held off on the psu because i want quality/performance/value. and the ocz products just dont look like they are good enought for me so ive finalized my choices between these two units. that is unless you have one to mention that is a good price under $120 and a good tier 1 or 2 product.
the choices ive made are both tier 1 products based on this list.

the first psu is Seventeam ST-750ZAF 750W ATX 12V V2.2 SLI Certified CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply

and the second psu is Recertified: PC Power and Cooling Silencer 750 Quad Red 750W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Certified 80 PLUS Certified Active PFC Power Supply
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    That eggpert list is based off a very old project. Here's one Proximon has been heading here at THG forums.

    I'd stay away from recertified products, especially with a PSU. The Seventeam also only has 2x 8pin connectors, so if you ever wanted to CF your 5780, you'd have to use adapters (not the best choice) or replace the PSU.

    This corsair 750TX is in budget and has 4x PCIe 8 pin connectors. 5 yr warranty and free shipping too, can't go wrong with this:

    I'm doing the 76+ amp section of the big list. Corsairs have great products built for them and are always tier 1 or 2 of current list.
  2. +1 for corsair. IMO the best PSUs you can get, especially at that price range.
  3. And you can pull 900 watts out of one and it still stays in spec.
  4. Quote:
    Best psu you can get for $45. 50amps, modular, 3yr swap out warranty, big quiet fan, 82% eff.

    For $45 it's a pretty good deal, but 50 amps ?
    50a x 12v = 600w

    More like 37.5
  5. btw in case if you didn't know, you cant just add up the two 25s and call it 50, as those are "virtual" rails and thus share components, and will have a shared max output, which is 450watts. and not 600 watts like delluser said or you alluded to

    corsair usually have better products, as they rate their stuff at high temps than others

    here is a list of their 12 v amps:

    * OEM: Channel Well Tech
    VX550W ~41A
    TX750W ~60A
    HX750W ~62A
    TX850W ~70A
    HX850W ~70A
    TX950W ~78A
    HX1000W ~80A
    * OEM: Seasonic
    CX400W ~30A
    VX450W ~33A
    HX450W ~33A
    HX520W ~40A
    HX620W ~50A
    HX650W ~52A
    TX650W ~52A

    * OEM Channel Well
    ModXStream Pro OCZ400MXSP ~31A
    StealthXStream OCZ400SXS ~31A
    * OEM: Topower
    Modstream OCZ45012U ~26A
    Modstream OCZ52012U ~28A
    Powerstream OCZ420ADJ ~30A
    Powerstream OCZ470ADJ ~33A
    Powerstream OCZ520ADJ ~33A
    Powerstream OCZ600ADJ ~NG
    Powerstream OCZ520ADJSLI ~33A
    Powerstream OCZ600ADJSLI ~35A
    * OEM: Sirtec
    Fatal1ty OCZ400FTY ~30A
    Fatal1ty OCZ550FTY ~37A
    ModXStream Pro OCZ500MXSP ~36A
    ModXStream Pro OCZ600MXSP ~42A
    ModXStream Pro OCZ700MXSP ~46A
    Z Series OCZZ850 ~71A
    Z Series OCZZ1000 ~83A
    * OEM: FSP Group
    ModXStream OCZ780MXS ~60A
    ModXStream OCZ900MXS ~70A
    StealthXStream OCZ500SXS ~34A
    StealthXStream OCZ600SXS ~44A
    StealthXStream OCZ700SXS ~50A
    GameXStream OCZ600GXSSLI ~44A
    GameXStream OCZ700GXSSLI ~50A
    GameXStream OCZ850GXSSLI ~64A
    GameXStream OCZ1010GXSSLI ~72A
    Z Series OCZZ550 ~44A
    Z Series OCZZ650 ~53A
    * OEM: 3Y Power
    EvoStream OCZ600EVOSLI ~40A
    EvoStream OCZ720EVOSLI ~50A
    ProXStream OCZ1000PXS ~70A
    * OEM: Impervio
    Fatal1ty OCZ700FTY ~56A
    EliteXStream OCZ800EXS ~62A
    EliteXStream OCZ1000EXS ~80A
  6. you do know that newegg reviewers don't have a powerful load tester to actually stree these PSUs to their max right?

    the reason why corsair or p and c or what nots are recommanded is their HIGH ability to pull lots of power, an example is in the list above:

    GameXStream OCZ850GXSSLI ~64A
    HX850W ~70A


    Powerstream OCZ600ADJSLI ~35A / ModXStream Pro OCZ600MXSP ~42A
    VX550W ~41A

    you have to look at the individual psu, and not just newegg reviews, and have to read into what is excellent and what is great

    now if you are going for great, then well, yeah aim for it, and don't target the bigger stuff and go with your budget.
  7. did you ever brought a high high end platform with CF and SLI in mind?

    if not then chances are great is good enough for you, the OP is looking at 920 and 5870, given those facts then perhaps the top of the line excellent is perhaps more appropriate than a great solution that works well for 95% of the population.

    also DOA and other aspects to me are minor, as every company has them, you can't control how the delivery guy throws ur stuff around, but the general build and quality you can try to control

    if he was lookign at a Athlon II X2 or a Celeron with IGP, do you think I would be suggesting a corsair? Chances are a no name can power it and still not die.
  8. Quote:
    The OP did not mention anything about crossfire my friend and I even said in my first post that if he wants to crossfire later on I would recommend a quality 650w+.

    And since this post isn't about whether "I" bought a high end platform with CF and SLI, I have no idea how that's relevent to the conversation.

    The psu I recommended is more than adequate for the system he is building and is MUCH cheaper than the one you recommended. It's 80+ certified and It's also covered by a 3yr cross-ship swap out warranty. I'm sorry if that offends you.

    not at all, but looking at the parts he chosen, there is a higher likely hood of him running a top end system than someone whom is going to pick say a 5850 or a 5770 or a i7-8xx series on 1156, and with that in mind something that is as top of the line would be needed, the absolute best of the best, which isn't OCZ at this time.

    look at it this way, a i7-920 costs ~300, a 5870 costs ~400+

    and costs 90 and the OCZ costs 50, 40 dollars or even 50 dollars more isn't that much

    unless you want to get a HX1000 sitting at around 200 something, then the price delta offered by these separate brands is very very very small % of the overall build cost.

    if he was choosing between a 4870 or 4850 (difference of around 40 dollars) then hell, get the OCZ and forget about the corsair, or maybe even grab a 420 Watt antec or something in the 40 dollar or less range (while still having a quality PSU) and shoot for a 4890 or a customized version of the 4870

    and why did I ask about the high end platform? It's because "I've never personally ever used a Corsair psu and I have had no issues with cheaper power supplies. Most of the computers I upgrade have cheap Coolmax, topower, and coolermaster psu's and nearly every one of them still works after years of use." and that to me brings your personal experience into the equation, I'm sorry if that offended you.
  9. Delluser called it right at the top of the picture. 37.5a available on the total 12v rails. Each individual rail has it's over current protection set to 25a. But they are both powered off the same main rail that is only capable of producing 37.5a total.

    Newegg reviews are dangerous to use as research for a few reasons. If the author has low expectations or needs, then most anything will work and wow them. DOA rates are a little more reliable, but you have no knowledge of total sales vs reviews reported back. And if you read some of the reviews and the gross errors in understanding of the way components actually work and see everyone put high for their knowledge, takes all credibility and throws it out the window. I also have a SCCF review and had no problem with my rebate. How do you trust one over the other? You can't, so user reviews should be cautiously used and not cited to make a point.

    If you haven't seen this thread, this is a project Proximon has started to help find the best of the best PSUs and then good enough and blacklist.

    It is design by design for each brand. The same OEM platform can have different parts picked by different branders and different results even though they are sister units under the logo.

    While OCZ does meet my minimum requirements for a quick pick PSU (active PFC indicates corners aren't cut and 3yr warranty to back it, OCZ swap is a very nice feature,) I wouldn't consider them tier 1 and without a proper load test (not voltmeter like newegg users have) probably wouldn't throw them tier 2. I did place the OCZ gold at rank 1 for the 76+amp section because it deserves it. The OP wanted tier 1 or 2, so I checked a known tier 1 or 2 PSU that gives the option for CF and is in line with the other parts picked.

    As for how much power to pick, most PSU are most efficient near 50% capacity. I'll usually try to plug a PSU that would be running most efficient for the current build and then have room to grow even though efficiency might not be as good with the extra parts. Better efficiency = less heat = longer PSU life.
  10. There ya go, that's the full unbiased account lol

    OCZ aren't crap by anyone's standard, just they are not the top of the line MOST of the time (their EvoStream 600W is on par with what other offers)


    and when you see something like that, there is no contest that they are equal, but then you see:


    that just trashes the OCZ Gamer 1010W, and then you'll know that that the OCZ top end has jumped off the boat.

    not that the OP will need the 1000w monster tho.
  11. Quote:
    So sorry I should have said 2- 25a rails, maybe I wouldn't be criticized.
    I did 11 rebates this year with products purchased through Newegg and Sunbeamtech is the only one that didn't come through.

    Wasn't being critical, just posting the correct info.
    Can't count how many rebates I've done over the past year, but I bought 2 CCF's and had no problem's with the rebates.
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  13. This was very helpful for me. I'm actually glad I found this thread, lots of love in this thread. I was hoping to get the same effect, but I still got some efficient help.

    How could you tell if the PSU is recertified, and 4x PCIe 8 pin connector PSU's allows you to go CF
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