hi everyone.
If I use this card

to connect two wd raptors on it, will I be able to install windows 7 on the system?

In other words are the drivers going to be immediately recognized as system disks through teh bios and most important, through the WINDOWS 7 installation procedure??

Thank you fo helping :D :D :D
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  1. Worse case is you have to load the drivers at Windows 7 installation time.
  2. so have you ever done it?
    I suppose it can be done, given that you have the appropriate win 7 raid drivers on a usd stick for example...


    I am curious coz If it's impossible no need to buy the card!!!! :pt1cable:

    thank you
  3. Will you install Windows 7 on a drive (or RAID) connected to that controller? The drivers are provided on the CD and it's no different than other SAS/SATA controllers. Just insert the CD or a USB key and select the required drivers if need be.

    Why not use the onboard SATA controller?
  4. Yes, I will install win & on thiw raid array. THe mobo doesn' t have raid controller unfortunatelly!
    so I will try it through the usb stick way..
    actually there is a menu in win 7 installation procedure asking for installation of extra drivers I suppose... at wwhich point you indicate the driver's directory...? is that correct?
  5. That's correct.
  6. OK.
    THank you for spending time man.
    I appreciate that
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