Creative CT5807/nForce 650i sound card drivers?

I have a nforce 650i ultra motherboard, i need the sound drivers for that, or the sound drivers for the creative ct5807 sound card, either one. Thanks. Oh, also, im on windows xp 64 bit, tried one from the nvidia site, even said it was 64bit, but it said its not compatible with my current hardware or something, when i tried to install
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  1. You can locate drivers for your Sound Blaster 64 PCI Here.
    Unfortunately, your sound card is ancient and drivers were only made for Win 98, ME, 2K and XP (non 64 bit).

    If you would post the manufacturer and exact model of your motherboard we could assist you in locating drivers for the onboard CODEC.
    As this CODEC is not a nVidia part, the drivers are not available on nVidia's website and must be obtained from the maker of your motherboard.
  2. BFG nForce 650i Ultra motherboard, i found this number as well:

    CKS 042FED00

    Thanks, hopefully i can get in time, planning on just reformatting to different OS, which i dont want to do, if i cant get it
  3. Is this it?
  4. Try the latest XP-64 driver from Here and see if it works.
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