P7p55d and corsair memory problem

hi, im having trouble with a p7p55d pro mobo and my memory ram, they are corsair cmx4gx3m2a1600c9, i run the memtest with 1 stick and it is fine but when im running it with 2 stick or more it frezze, same think happens when im running games like mass effect. who can i fix tthe proble in my hardware? is it bad memory? or bad mobo?
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  1. What CPU do you have? Which slots did you put the RAM into? Your RAM should be in slots A1 and B1, which is the second and fourth slots, respectively, from your CPU.

    Have you modified their settings in the BIOS? If so, what changes did you make?

    Please attach a screenshot of CPU-Z, the Memory tab. http://www.cpuid.com/cpuz.php
  2. Similar motherboard (p7h55m-pro) but same memory and same problem. Gone through second set of memory. Memory OK to use with this mb according to asus and I did not make any changes to the default settings in the bios. Did you find a solution? I'm thinking of throughing the entire pc and going back to 775 dual core. its fast enough without any problems.
  3. 9.9/10 it is because the BIOS is either set incorrectly to Auto or X.M.P. -> use ONLY D.O.C.P., and set the Speed, CAS, and DRAM Voltage {Voltage only if problem persists}.
  4. Download a copy of memtest86+ and make a bootable CD with it. Boot to this CD and run the memory test for about 4 hours. This test runs outside of Windows and finds RAM errors, if there are any.

    Other than this, check and compare your BIOS version against the one on the Asus support web page. If yours is old, update your BIOS to the latest version.
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