Can the wrong direct x, cause gpu problems?

Hey all, i have a 4890 that im sending back tomorow, but just realized, ran a directx diagnostic, and it says im using direct x 11, not 10.1 which my card supports. Could this cause hang in games? low 3d mark scores? and also artificats on initial boot? on the boot, if i turn the computer off and on again, it is completely fine, the error i get if i dont turn it off and on is, attempt to reset display driver failed, i have ran various diagnostics, including ati tool and no errors come up on the card. Need a response quickly to this, as im supposed to send it back in 12 hours! and dont want to spend loads if it isnt the problem! card is at standard clock now, did overclock, but card was doing this before i even attempted an overclock, i am a very careful overclocker, so know i didnt damage the card from that
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  1. I've never encountered a machine running a higher DirectX version than the card supported ... but it couldn't hurt to try using the correct version.
  2. Artifacts on the boot screen doesn't sound good and directx wouldn't affect that.
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