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Confused which water cooler to get

Im planning on OCing my i5-2500k to 4.3 - 4.5ghz stable and our local store is having a sale on their Corsair H80 and H100 so i was wondering which was better to get?

The H80 costs about $110 and the H100 is about $120.

Im worried if i get the H100 it might be an overkill? or thats not possible when it comes to cooling your CPU?

Help is very much appreciated.

Thank you. :D
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  1. For $120, you're far better off getting an XSPC RS kit. :/

    Very good air coolers will perform as well as either of those, with a slight edge to the H100.
  2. @rubix: do you mean this XSPC RASA 450 RS120 Kit?

    but it costs about $148 here.

    im not from the states. im just converting the prices you US.
  3. No, it would be:

    The 450 version has the very weak pump, the 750 versions are the better of the 2. Also, the one you listed was a single 120mm radiator, the one I have listed is a 240, similar in size to the H100.

    Where are you buying from? Like you mentioned, price might be an issue...and if that is the case, you might wish to just consider a very good air cooler. I've never really been able to justify the H100 at it's price when the XSPC RS240 kits are very, very similar in cost but perform much better.
  4. im actually in the Philippines and we have a sort of local version of Newegg except there are different stores on one site. the 750 version isnt available. those are the only 2 i know which are reliable here and not too expensive. the only problem is im not so sure which one to get.
  5. Well I have the h80 no issue the 100 is a tad better but in most reviews it is better by 1 to 2 degrees I guess better is better. I did not have the space for the elongated H100 so kinda stuck with the 80 still I love it so look around your case and look at the mesurements of the 100 to see if you have a place to stick it that can vent to the outside of your case.

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    Several retailer will ship internationally:

    If you have questions on shipping, I believe all suggest contacting them either by phone or email to sort out any questions. I know several people have used all the above to ship to different international locations, but just take a look- unless you are strictly going for your local shop.
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