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Im using onboard sound since i only use a 2.1 system anyway & dont need anything fancy. The problem im having is that in EVERY game i play, voices are too quiet(can barely hear them) & all other sounds are amplified, does anyone have a solution? BTW this is on win7 64 if it matters
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  1. Voices as in other players in online games? If this is the case then turn down your regular game volume and turn up your chat volume in game settings.
  2. sorry, no, not other uses, im having issues in single player games. In cutscenes, the audio is fine, when in a closed area with no background noise at all, its also fine. in any area with ANY background noise, i cannot hear conversations.

    Like, when playing GTA4, i can hear cutscenes fairly well(still a bit quiet) but any time i get a phone call or im in the car, i hear no voices at all.

    Its really strange & starting to become a real annoyance.

  3. It sounds like the games are trying to send sound to a speaker that isn't there. From my experience if you want a dedicated sub to work you need to set Windows to 5.1 audio. With that setup voices are traditionally sent to a center channel. Cut-scenes tend only to be 2-channel encoded, so that's why they sound normal.

    One solution I used was to wire my sub in series with the speakers since it could use high level inputs with a pass-thru. Then I made sure Windows was only doing 2-channel audio.
  4. i would try that, other than the problem of my sub being the amplifier to my system. I know this setup worked perfectly on my last computer with a POS sound card from BB that was $20. I would just use that, but with my video cards in xfire, there is no room for a soundcard.

    I will agree that sometimes it seems like its looking for a center channel, but i have the sound set to only do stereo at all times.
  5. What equipment do you have? The voices are being sent to a non-existent center speaker, almost for sure. Your game is sending 7.1, probably, to the on-board sound, and something is going to have to downmix it to 2.1 for you, or to vanilla stereo. Give us your part numbers, and we'll see what we can find out.
  6. I THINK i figured it out. I went into my sound settings, set it to 5.1 then disabled the rear speakers and the center. That seems to have helped quite a bit. I will report back when i know more, i only had about 20 mins to mess with it today.

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