What board with x6 support and good layout for crossfire around 130?

i'm looking into a custom build computer and have all the parts figured out but i'm stumped on the motherboard. the one i picked which is the M4A79XTD EVO doesn't seem to be on the list for supporting the new X6 cpu's. love the board and layout but not sure on the support factor if asus evens gets it to support the new cpus. it seems it's the only one of asus missing on the list. should i look for another board? and if so what would be best for crossfire and good layout without blocking too much for around 130 or so? i'm only getting a x3 2.8 be heka cpu for now and oc and unlock it for now and upgrade later.
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Here are three options for ur needs, all support the X6 and the X3.

    See here
  2. forgot to get back my thread here. i ended up going with the Asus m4a89gtd pro with usb 3.0 and am using gskill ripjaw 1600 4gb with another coming and an hd radeon 5770. phenom II x3 2.8 heka be. loving it so far. now just need to convince my wife i need to upgrade from my 17" square monitor i've had for a few years and get a 25" widescreen.
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