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which would be better? a psu with a single rail or ones that has multiple rails???
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  1. Although it technically violates the ATX2.X specs, I like single rail PSU's. With very few exceptions, total 12 volt output is less than the sum of the maximum output of each rail. And generally in the smaller (<1000 watt) PSU's, the rails really aren't separate at all.

    Case in point: I have an Antec 650 watt TP3. It's supposed to have three rails with a maximum of 19 amps each. The ratings also say that the total max 12 volt output is 52 amps. And continuity and eye checks of the PSB indicate that all the yellow wires come from the same place.
  2. why most of psu manufacturer highlight the point that their psu has more than one rail??
  3. Advertising. If one rail is good, 3 or four must be better. :)
  4. so does this means that the more rails the better?
  5. It should be. But that doesn't mean that having a single rail is bad. It would all boils down to the amount of current supplied by the PSU to its 12v rail.
  6. oic... if there is more than one rail, do all the rails will be used simultaneously or according to the psu load?
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    quite a thorough explanation there... thx :D
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