Nvidia replacement, fan broke

anyone tell me if I have to replace this card or can actually update it? Where to get one? Fan broke, on NVIDIA GeForce 8500 Gt, gateway quadcore (2400mhz). Can the fan be replaced by itself, or is everything fried once fan stops? thnx
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  1. Bring it back to where you bought that card, maybe they can help you...
  2. Did you add the card or did it come with the gateway ?

    either way if it is less then a year old, bring it back from where you bought it as it should be under warrenty.

    Also, you can replace the heatsync or the fan or both however you have to be patient and delicate at doing it.
  3. you can replace a graphics card easily but selecting one is a much harder job
  4. A cheap VF700 alcu by zalman will do well and can even cool a 55nm 9800gt.
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