Need help safely overclocking

hiya I had a q6600 g41mcombo 4 gb budget ram n400wtt cit power pack and was trying to oc to 3.0ghz,, ended up blowing my mobo :(

just rebuilt my tower as tht cit power pack shite blew my mobo on prime testing for 5 mins lol :/ and have had to wait for a replacement ,, wnna try agen bt don't wanna blow *** up ,, upgraded psu to ocz stealth xtreme 5oo wtt ,, gcard asus hd 6770,, ram 2x4gb g-skill ddr3-1333 ,n same mobo g41m combo ,, n e advice plz :)
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  1. If you have a Q6600 G0 then you should be able to hit 3GHz on the stock voltage which is normally 1.325 by just upping the FSB to 333MHz from 266MHz.
  2. ye that's what I did last time and it blew up although im pretty sure the psu I had was the cause of it
  3. what about the ram I have do u think ill be able to oc tht
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