OCZ memory failing.... sometimes?

I've been chasing down problems with this build from the start. Freezing, CTD's, BSOD's and had originally tested the RAM with Memtest86+ and it found no errors when I let it run 10 passes overnight. That was with all 6gigs in. Fast forward, and I reinstalled win7 and during the install I got a BSOD with "memory corruption" listed. WTF!!! So I disconnected all peripherals except keyboard and mouse and took all but one 2gig stick out. I had a hunch so I ran memtest again but this time with just the one stick in and it was FULL of errors(Test's 6,7and8) Tested the second stick in the same spot and it passed no problems, then did the third and it got one error. My question is since this is DDR3 RAM, do I have to test it with all 3 at a time or can I do it individually? RAM is OCZ gold series 1600 DDR3 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227365
It looks like I have to RMA it but how is OCZ on there RMA's? Do I have to send just the faulty ones or all of them?(Leaving me without a functional pc)
Also why would it fail individually but not as a whole?
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  1. Have you rerun memtest with all 3 in recently? I don't know how much time "fast forward" is but something could have happened to your sticks in between now and then.

    Installing Windows is a decent stress tester in and of itself. Have you done any OCing? Have you set your RAM up propertly in BIOS? If you have properly set the RAM frequency, timings and V, then I would expect that if you get errors with 1 stick you'll still get errors when you add additional sticks.

    I don't know if OCZ will let you send back just the faulty sticks or will make you send back the whole package.
  2. Not yet still testing the sticks. Zero overclocking.(Too many problems so I haven't had the chance yet) This did it originally when I built it when everything was set to auto but I've since gone in and set the memory timings to, frequency to 1600 and voltage to 1.64v. This is what OCZ claims except there voltage is 1.65v but my mobo only allows for 1.64 and 1.66.
  3. You may just have some bad sticks. Odd that it passed the test once though. I assume you're putting the sticks in the right slots. Put all 3 in again and run memtest86+. You should get errors.

    You could also try bumping your RAM down to 1333 MHz and testing them with the rest of the settings the same.

    Are you running with the latest version of BIOS?

    I see you were running through related issues in another thread: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/281079-28-question-recent-build Did you try a new PSU? That could still be related to your problems.
  4. Memory is in the right spots.(Orange slots on Asus P6T) Testing with all 3 back in tonight. I'm pretty sure the mobo set it to 1333 when it was on auto(Or maybe 1066?). I have not updated BIOS though. Should I try that? I've downloaded the newest 1303 and have it on a flash drive but I've never done a BIOS update and not too sure on the exact process. I kept reading some horror stories on it and I don't have the original disc. My BIOS version is 1104. Same PC as that thread when I was thinking if it was GPU or PSU. New Corsair PSU just got in today. Would the PSU cause the memory problems?
  5. I also forgot to mention that when I set the RAM to 1600 it comes up as 1603. Any idea what that's about? Also on my sticks it say PC3 12800 but on Memtest it claims 8500. Don't know what that's about.
  6. If you upgrade BIOS, do not use any Windows based utilities. Look for an Asus program that works on boot or from BIOS. I'm not as familiar with Asus BIOS updates but I'll try to look around later. If you find instructions and have any doubts, post a link and I'll check it out. Just do NOT use any Windows based utilities.
  7. I noticed the EZ flash option under BIOS, so I'll do some research on that tonight. With all 6gigs of RAM in, it just passed memtest for 2 passes but I'm going to tear it down to install the new PSU(These Corsair PSU's are the $hit, even wrapped up like a bottle of crown royal lol) then let it run overnight.
  8. Yes, EZFlash is the route you want to go. Gigabyte calls their method QFlash, I knew it was something similar. I found one set of instructions, you may want to compare to others this guy seems a little paranoid but then again paranoia can be a good thing - especially when it means preparation and caution. http://vip.asus.com/forum/view.aspx?id=20070215223109668&board_id=1&model=P5B+Deluxe%2FWiFi-AP&SLanguage=en-us&page=1

    I didn't answer your question about the RAM before- you may see it move around 1600 as bclk can make slight adjustments while your computers running. Since the memory frequency is a multiple of bclk, it may fluctuate slightly around your target. Also, a bad PSU could cause all sorts of problems.

    Be interesting to see if the new PSU solves the problem. I couldn't be happier with my Corsair PSU, and I chose a low power model.
  9. Well got the PSU installed and let Memtest86+ run overnight with all 6gigs of RAM in and woke up to 0 errors from 7 passes. I'll give it a few day to see if the problems arise again but hopefully not.
  10. No go. CODMW2 still freezes up constantly in single player however I played multiplayer for a good 20mins. BFBC2 same thing. I did see "display driver amd stopped responding and was recovered" pop up though. This is really annoying
  11. Do you have the latest AMD video drivers? http://support.amd.com
  12. that sounds like a GPU related problem. rather than ram

    if you have a dodgy stick it will be presistant..
  13. I'm running 10.4 right now but this has been going on for the last 3 drivers. A few more things I've come to notice is that when I adjust my speaker volume in the bottom right, it always changes itself on reboot. Weird. I've got a RMA open and have til the 12th to mail it out but I'm trying to rule out as many variables as possible. The cards stock settings seem to be right at spec with the GPU clock at 157MHz and Memory clock at 300MHz when just doing basic stuff and it jumps to 725MHz and 1000MHz during games. I have the fan speed set to 35% so my temps are 29C at idle and I don't think I've ever seen it jump much over 50C during load.
  14. try another card
  15. It may be time to give upgrading BIOS a shot.
  16. Sorry, haven't updated this is a bit. The card has been RMA'ed and I'm waiting on the new one. Before I sent it back I did do the mobo bios update using EZflash(Pretty easy actually) aswell as updated the chipset drivers and redoing the audio driver but problems still occured. Now I'm hoping it was the card and the new one will work fine but that's wishful thinking :(
  17. duuuuude. I am currently going through some similar problems with the OCZ gold 1600 triple channel mem as well. I have a p6x58d premium motherboard. Sounds like you have the same video card as me? ATI 5850. Anyways. I cant for the life of me get BIOS or windows to show 6GB of memory. CPU-Z shows 6GB but it sometimes tells me that my memory is not always running triple channel. Sometimes it says dual and single. I am on the phone with ASUS tech support to find out if there are settings that need to be changed to accommodate 6GB but I'm thinking that the memory is just crap, which is frustrating cause it's expensive.
  18. Hmmm, well Windows 7 reads all 6 gigs aswell as my bios. Don't know whats going on with yours. Well Newegg just got back to me and it looks like my card is out of stock so there going the refund route so now I'm shopping again. Pretty sure I want to stay with the ATI 5850 as it still seems to be the best card for the money. Was looking at this one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150477
    But then I saw this one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150491
    Specs seem to be the same. Is this essentially the same card but different looks because of the AVP game? I'd rather get a free game with my money if I can, lol.
  19. UPDATE:
    New XFX 5850 card has been installed and the problems are still here. Really pissing me off. Same damn thing. Screen will freeze, turn black for abit then return back to the game. Does it so often I can't even play a damn game for more then 10 mins
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