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Hey so I read the above thread on overclocking, and was wondering why instead of overclocking in intervals (4.0-4.2-4.4-4.6etc...) you can't just turn the voltage to the maximum 'safe' voltage then increase your frequency untill you get your highest stable one, rather than increase voltage by a little find the best frequency for that voltage, increase volt again.... rinse repeat. Thank in advance.
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  1. Because there is no universal maximum safe voltage.

    They are just there as an indication, give you an idea of what you chip may get .

    But every chip is different.

    You may get a chip that can OC very well or OC very little.

    The voltage other people use can be different from what you have to use.
  2. You can do this but most people dont want to be at max voltage as you get to the top end there is deminishing returns like to get from 4.4 to 4.5 might take more voltage than it took you to get from 4.0 to 4.4 and the heat this creates is rediculas.

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