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Ok got a question on my memory frequency it only tops at like 660 mhz, I have gkill ripjaw series and its 1600 frequency memory, should i change that in the bios so that it uses its full potential?
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  1. How do you know it only tops out at "like 660 mhz"? If you're reading that from CPU-Z you have to double it, it's actually running at 1333 MHz.

    What motherboard and CPU do you have? Also provide a link to your RAM.
  2. I am using the ati overdirve and ammaking so comp is running full load, ati overdrive only shows the memory running at 660mhz full load.

    My mother board is

    MY cpu

    my memory
  3. Download CPU-Z, run it, and check the memory tab. What does it say on the Memory tab next to DRAM Frequency?

    By the way your memory runs at the same speed regardless of whether your CPU is under a full load or at idle.
  4. ok its showing 666mhz on cpuz
  5. it also show my max bandwidth to be pc3- 10700 (667mhz)

    when it should be like pc3 12800 (1600mhz right?
  6. daihok said:
    ok its showing 666mhz on cpuz

    Ok good then you're running at 1333 MHz.

    daihok said:
    it also show my max bandwidth to be pc3- 10700 (667mhz)

    Where do you see it reporting that?

    You'll have to change the DRAM Frequency in BIOS to run your RAM at 1600.
  7. Ok i went into bios i set the frequency to 1600, which put my timings at 9-11-11-29 so went ahead and manually changed timings back to 9-9-9-24, is this how it should be for my ram? just want to make sure and not burn up ram or anything lol
  8. sweet tanks for help
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    Yes, that's right. Also set the V to 1.5V. Then download memtest86+, burn the ISO to a CD/DVD as a bootable disc, restart booting into the program and let it run overnight. You should not get any errors.
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