How do i know if my GPU is SHOT?

Hey guys.

Well, first off. I haven't played a game or used 3d modeling software on my computer for the last 4 months, so i haven't really tested my video card during that time. But i got Windows 7 64 a month ago and installed it in addition with 4 more gb of memory. I tried playing Borderland.. it worked fine for five minutes and then it just froze... I had to ctrl-alt-delete to get out of it and shut it down. Before freezing, weird polygons started appearing out of no where. So i tried to do a stress test on my gpu with FurMark, and as soon as i run the stability test at my desktop's resolution, the thing turns for a split second and the whole computer freezes, i can't even ctrl-alt delete it.. had to restart from the button. Tried the game and Furmark several times, and coming to the same results all the time.

I want to know how to make sure it is the video card thats shot and not the motherboard or something else.

Windows 7 x64
6gb ddr2 Ram
3 hard drives (250 gb, 500gb, 1tb)
Saphire ATI Radeon x1950 pro with 256mb of memory (PCI-e)
Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R motherboard
Corsaire 550W PSU
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  1. Pull it out and examine it for bullet holes. :lol:

    Swapping it out for another graphics card you know works is probably the best way. Putting it on another machine you know works is another.
  2. Switch out the card for another, if it works then it's the card.

    To rule out:
    CPU - run prime95 for several hours, use 3D Marks' CPU test
    RAM - run memtest or a RAM benchmarking suite
    HDD - I cannot believe that the HDD will cause this, if you are not sure run a benchmark/stress test
    PSU - I don't know of a definitive way other than switching it out but underclock the x1950 to as low as it will go, 30%-50% of the original clocks.
    Mobo - If RAM, HDD, & CPU work I don't get how the mobo will be broken.

    Overall I'm pretty sure that your card is dying/dead.
  3. I think the ram is faulty or not enough voltage is fed
  4. How can i check if my ram is faulty?

    I currently have 4 sticks

    2x1gb of crucial balistix ddr2 6400

    and 2x2gb of patriot viper ddr2 8200 (i think. 1066mhz)
  5. Clean the dust out of the card and replace the old compound since it is overheating. Once your done with that part load riva tuner and turn the fan speed up then run a game of your choice.
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