SSD not being read by BIOS

I took out my old hard drive and put in my new Kingston SSD Now V100 SV100S2/128GZ 2.5" 128GB SATA II Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)

I booted my computer up and it installed windows, then the computer restarted to complete the installation. It was applying registry which took some time, then it went to blue screen and restarted the computer. I went into BIOS but the hard drive was not detected. I've reinstalled windows a few times to try and fix the problem but nothing seems to work.

I also put my HDD in the master slot and also my SSD into a slave slot, it took about 20 minutes to boot up to my desktop but it eventually worked. The computer showed both hard drives, but if i only have my ssd in, the computer wont read it unless i take windows off of it. Any ideas?

P.S. My BIOS are IDE
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  1. I'm a bit confused because you said your SSD was SATA-II and yet you also said "My BIOS are IDE" (sic) and you're talking about "master/slave".

    Are these both IDE drives attached to the same cable? Most relatively recent systems assign master/slave based on which connector you plug the drive into, but the drive can take its cue from a jumper instead. If they're IDE drives you should check the jumpers on both of them to make sure they're set properly for "master", "slave" or "cable select".

    If both drives are SATA drives then there really isn't any such thing as "master" and "slave", its just a matter of which port you plug the drive into and what you select as the boot drive in the BIOS.

    Some motherboards have two disk controllers and often the second controller isn't enabled by default. If you've plugged the hard drive into a port on the second controller then make sure to enable it in the BIOS.
  2. I have my HDD plugged into disk 1, so I unplugged it and put my SSD in the same socket. but for some reason after I installed windows on my SSD my BIOS does not read my SSD.

    after not being able to see my computer being able to read the SSD, I put my other HDD back in the same slot. Than I put my SSD into another slot, in my BIOS it read Master 1: HDD, Slave 1: SSD.

    So I have no idea why the SSD wont read when its the only drive plugged in.
  3. If you tell us what motherboard you have then someone familiar with that motherboard might be able to help...
  4. Sorry I left that out.

    My motherboard is GIGABYTE P55-USB3
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