SSD not showing

Hey folks,

New build starts up fine but has 1 problem. It sees my 500g drive but not my SSD, Any suggestions? I checked the cords and even moved em on my mobo, still just sees the 500 g drive.

My Specs are:

i7 920
Asus rampage II Extreeme
6 gb Mushkin Redline Ram
ATI 5870
Samsung F3 500gb HD
Antec CP 850 PSU
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  1. Is it not showing up in disk management at all?
  2. Not showing in BIOS at all
  3. probably a bad drive... try either another sata port, or with another computer. otherwise, return
  4. Raxus said:
    Not showing in BIOS at all

    I hate to ask the obvious, but did you plug in the SATA cable and the power cable? :pt1cable:
  5. Is your BIOS setting for the chipset Serial ATA controller set to IDE or AHCI? If its on IDE or RAID setting; try using AHCI. Unless you're using Windows XP which does not support AHCI without additional drivers; Vista and Win7 fully support AHCI and that's what you should use.
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