Poll: PSU Replacement

All of these meet or exceed the power requirements for my system. Which do you recommend? Please pick 2!

q6600 @ 3.0
gigabyte p35
several fans
4 500 gb hd's
1 36 gb raptor
1 4850
xp 64

Can not be expanded to two 4850's. Old psu was a Corsair 650, which blew after being in place over a year.

Edit: Note- All of these psu's are considered 80 Plus*
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  1. My system is almost identical to yours and same OC (someitmes run at 3.6, but don't need it yet), but with 1 more HDD than you and an 8800GT.

    Under prime95 load and gaming it only pushes 295 watts.

    I have a Seasonic 500watt.

    You loose efficiency with modular PSU's at the connections, so I alwasy go hard wired.

    They are all pretty good. I'd make one of my main deciding factors its efficiency these days.
  2. Heh thats kinda funny, i ran a very similar system before selling it, only with a 8800gt and 2 72gb raptors instead of my raid 5 + 36 gb. Surprisingly one of the raptor's went bad recently, the guy upgraded to 2 300gb raptors though so everybodies happy and i was able to get most of his info off the old drives.
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