Asus p5gdc pro compatibility with dual core

Can I put a dual core cpu on this modbo?
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  1. Quick answer, no. It only supports Pentium 4s and Celeron Ds. Here's the specs, click on CPU Support to see the full list.
  2. I have on it a P4 630 cpu(2mb 3,00Ghz).With a good cooler I can go close to a dual core?(with O.C.)
  3. Even if you get it to OC, it will never get close to a dual core. You might get it up to 3.2 or 3.3 GHz if you're lucky. The P4s weren't the best overclockers and when you OC them, they generate a lot of heat (which they do not OCed, but worse). If you need something faster, it's time to get a new mobo and CPU (and maybe other components depending on what you have).

    Not what you wanted to hear I'm sure...
  4. My PC is working now with OC at 3,45Ghz and a stock cooler.I try it at 3,9 Ghz but it was at 58-59 C in idle.
  5. Have you Prime tested it?
  6. scottiemedic said:
    Have you Prime tested it?

    Can U help me to do it?Or can U tell me how it work the "Prime" test?
  7. Google "Prime95" and download it. It's a burn in program that will stress test your system. It's the de-facto for new builds and overclocks.
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