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The programes on my secondary HDD are not listed in 'Programes and Features' of 'Control Panel', so I can't uninstall under this Windows facility. OS is Windows7 Ultimate. Probably answer is under 'Tools' in 'Disc Management' but reluctant to frig as there are some system damage warnings in some areas.
How can I make 'Promramas and Features' see both drives?
Thanks in advance for any advice.
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  1. How did you install them? Were they installed from Windows 7 using the current configuration?
  2. Thanks for the reply GhislainG.
    Totally new build with SSD as primary and HDD as secondary. At initial load of Windows7 Ultimate, I selected the SSD as primary. All progs, drivers, etc loaded to primary as expected, and all seemed OK. When I started using the rig I found that nothing could then be loaded to sec drive as it hadn't been formatted. Went to 'Disk Management', found a Wizzard that called for partitioning (not formatting) of this second drive, selected entire unallocated space, and this enabled selective loading of programes to either of the two drives. Obviously formatted the drive and all seemed well.
    I had a slight problem with the program that was on the secondary drive and wanted to uninstall. Went to 'Programes and Features', and found that only the programes on the primary drive were listed.
    Now I need to incorporate the secondary drive progs into the 'Progs and Features'
    Any ideas would be welcome.
  3. Can you find the Uninstall files for that program? Not all programs can be uninstalled from "Programs and Features".
  4. It isn't listed in 'Programes and Features' and there aren't any uninstall files. Nor is there an uninstall on the disk. If I look at 'All Programes', there is an uninstall button that does not work. If I try to delete the game into the recycle bin the computer does not allow it. Guess I'm going to have to keep Civ3 as a best friend, and hope it doesn't malfunction. I do rate that game the hardest and best strategy game ever, and although I buy the latest games to hit the market I always like the Civ3 challenge.
    On the bright side, I've now loaded Arma2 OA onto the sec drive, and then uninstalled it in 'Programes and Features', and that newish game reacts perfectly with the system and can be uninstalled in any one of the four possible places, so it's got to be the Civ3 compatability.
    Civ3 is about 7 to 8 years old and not made with Windows7 in mind, so there is a high probability that there is a compatability glitch. I did run 'Compatability' but it obviously didn't entirely work.
    So: I'll carry on, on the basis that the problem is unable to be solved, but I thank you for the interest that you have taken in my problem.
    Thanks again.
  5. Your original post never stated that the issue was with one specific game. If it had been coded properly, it could be installed and uninstalled even in Windows 7. I presume that it can be deleted manually if you clean up the registry and then reboot. Whatever files are left in the folder(s) could then be deleted.
  6. Thanks for the comments Ghislain.
    What is meant by 'Coding Properly', I'm not familiar with the term. Can you explain?
    I'm not comfortable with using 'regedit' to uninstall, because I might inadvertantly delete something that screws up the whole works. I use it reluctantly only when there isn't an alternative.
    Haven't yet found the Windows7 alternative to the XP 'Run'.
  7. What I meant is that older programs that were packaged (and not coded) properly for older versions of Windows can still be installed and uninstalled when using Windows 7.

    XP "Run" in Windows 7 is easy. Click the Start button, type the name of the program and parameters, if any, and press Enter.
  8. Thanks for the reply GhislainG.
    I have a recently published version of 'Civ3 Complete' marketted by 'Sold Out Software', that is OK for XP and Vista, so it ought to be compatable with Windows7.
    Your steer to 'Registry Editor' is useful. I had looked at it, but had accessed through 'Windows' files on the hard drive.
    Your comments are appreciated.
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