Nvidia Tegra, Fermi, we need a surprise...

Besides Tegra do you think Nvidia has stalled its Fermi solely because they are shuffling to beat Ati's RV 5870's and their potential 5850x2's, 5870x2's, and 5890's to come?

Nvidia has been slow to release anything great but with the GTX220 and other smaller units, or are they just waiting for the bam effect where we are all surprised one day with a new GPU that has the power to beat Atis current cards in Xfire..... I really hope so... I wish Nvidia started on the right foot with this battle and made their prices somewhat competitive, this would be the real shocker!!
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  1. They are waiting to actually have something to ship out.
  2. randomizer said:
    They are waiting to actually have something to ship out.


    though i have said this a few times, i would like to see what GPGPU work can be done on the fermi since i am a computer science student and i do gpgpu work to speed encryption/decryption

    though with opencl, i can just stick to my 4870 1GB
  3. Well with the way TSMC is going, you could be waiting until well into next year before you see the retail channels get stock. Of course, there's the other problem as well, namely no launch yet...
  4. yeah, i know, though i might buy one for that (if they are very good at gpgpu), but not one for gaming, i'll stick to my 4870
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