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hi i just recently bought a new mobo msi 790x-g45 which supports ddr3 1200(oc) / 1066 / 800 mhz.
i bought a kingston hyper x 2x2gb...4gb total ram at 1333mhz...
ok i have windows 7 64bit...i check cpu-z my ram frequency is at 666.6 mhz....
isnt that low for what i have...shouldnt it be at 1066 mhz or something? there a way to change to a higher frequency or a reason why it is so low...thanks
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    Don't worry. Your memory is ok.
    DDR means Double Data Rate. Therefore you must doubling your frequency: 667Mhz x 2= 1333Mhz.
  2. how do i check to make sure?
  3. If the frequency in the "cpu-z" is 667Mhz, there is no doubt. Your memory is runnig at 1333Mhz. You don't need anything more.
  4. but i dont think my mobo supports only shows 1200(oc)/1066/800mhz
  5. Well, I don't think it matters much, but definitely 666.6MHz is fine - DDR = Double Data Rate means that you just double it, and your RAM is actually is running at 1333.2MHz.
  6. rathana_v said:
    but i dont think my mobo supports only shows 1200(oc)/1066/800mhz

    MSI only guarantees that DDR3 @1200 modules will work with its mobo. Anyway, it doesn't mean that a memory with a higher frequency won't work. Your memory modules are a very good example.
    As I said you before, if the cpu-z says you that the frequency is 667Mhz, there is not any doubt. Your memory modules are running at 1333Mhz.
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