Format A GoFlex 3TB USB Drive with 1 partition again

Reformatted a GoFlex external USB drive, it defaults to 2 partitions with the NTFS 2.2TB limitation, how do I correctly format it to get 1 3TB partition usable in Windows XP again?
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  1. You should use a partition application to do a better job in rescuing the complete drive capacity. Some partition managing applications even include a full partition size recovery tool... can't recall if it's Minitool Partition Manager or Minitool Partition Recovery that includes that tool, but if the lost partition size is unallocated, any partition application should detect it. "Active Partition wizard" or "Active partition recovery" can detect hidden and unallocated disk space even when other of such applications can't even see such partition lost & unallocated disk spaces... but any of the mentioned partition applications should help to some extent if not completely.

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