Which MOBO for I7 930?

Hi guys

Thanks for helping in prev thread. I have made up my mind to go for I7 920 or I7 930. Now need some help in determining which MOBO is better in terms of Gaming, 3D works (occasional) and future upgrade.

Options are

ASUS P6T6 WS Revolution
ASUS rampage 2 extreme
ASUS maximus 3 formula
Gigabyte X58 A, UD3R
Intel X58 OEM

I know first one is triple the cost of third one, but if everyone recommends it i will buy it. But my concern in suggestion is value for money. Is it really going to increase performance three times....?

If not i need to know as per my other spec which one is going to get me good result per money spent.

Radeon HD5770
6 Gb Corsair or OCZ 1666 / 2000 MHZ ram
Thermal Take casing
Thermal take 1000w power supply
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  1. a waste ..... asus Asus P6T X58 Motherboard is god solid and the price is good , friends right there I am running the 5770 its ok ....ish take the spare monye 2 or 3 cross them and you will be amazed by the power ............ but hey thats me remember this is a personal game.............damn my media pc is a pentium 3 spec with Windows 7 running sweet ..................
  2. Go for the i7-930

    [1] Asus Maximus III formula is an LGA 1156 board, so that rules it out.
    [2] Asus p6t6 revo & rampage 2 extreme are basically meant for enthusiasts who are into high overclocking. You, then you also have to spend the extra bucks on getting a good aftermarket cooler &/or a water cooling kit. If that interests you, then by all means, go for them, particularly, the Rampage II extreme. If you can stretch your budget, the Rampage III Extreme is also an option
    [3] Don't get the Intel x58 oem. Though it has bullet proof reliable & fairly economical, it lacks many features.
    [4] The Gigabyte UD3R undisputedly offers the best value for money. It overclocks well, has USB 3.0 & SATA 6.0, & overclocks decently. I think that is your best bet.
  3. Just an addition guys, I need MOBO that is SUPER STABLE. I dont mind sacrifice 10 - 20 - 30 percent of performance for a Super Stable Board. I am no techy guys like u that can troubleshoot and experiment. I dont think i will ever go in overclocking side as it has lot of ifs and buts. May be if i have spare machine to try my hands on.

    Apart from gaming (sometimes) and 3D (occasionally). This PC is going to be like centralized bank for home video, pictures, and documents. These things are very close to my heart and i cant see them getting lost or inaccessible. Its in tons of GB data. For this massive storage i know i dont need great computing even p3 will suffice, but my point to access this bank everyday 50 times a day should be easy, faster and fool proof. Off course i know basic backup method to safeguard these.
  4. [1] All of today's top motherboard brands manufacture quality motherboards which give great service for long period of time. In my experience, the failure rate has been less than 0.01 per 100.
    [2] The failure of a motherboard will rarely affect the data since the latter is stored on the HDD. What you do need is a very good quality HDD to store your data. I would recommend that you get 2 identical large capacity HDDs & configure them in a RAID 1 array, which will give you a peace of mind. Should either of them ever fail, the data will always be safe on the other.
    [3] So go for the Gigabyte UD3R, which I've linked in my previous thread.
  5. Thanks Ksampanna, I am seriously considering RAID now since yesterday. lol.

    Lot of friends pushing me to ASUS. Been to asus site and found these 5 MOBO for I7.

    Can you or any techy please put finger on one, knwing me that i need stability more than OC or some extreme earth to mars performance.

    P6T Deluxe V2
    P6T6 WS Revolution
    P6X58D Premium
    Rampage III extreme

    I think deluxe looks decent and stable more than any.
    P6X58D Premium has USB 3.0 too
    And RIIIE is OC heaven. May be ill pay for what i will never experiment.
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