Powercolor hd 4850 512 on delta 250 watt PSU !

Hello, my pc:

pentium d 3ghz( o.c to 3.8ghz ),
asus p5kpl-am,
transcend 2gb dd2 800,
powercolor hd 4850 512 ddr3,
delta 250 watt (peak 300 watt) psu, samsung 250gb hard drive.

i don't no how is it possible to run hd 4850 on 250 watt psu even with overclocked cpu without any problem. with full load cpu temp around 70 and gpu temp around 80. i have played crysis warhead, dirt2, bad company2 with high settings ( 1024x748 ) and got 22-40 fps and i am playing them for 6 days( average 6 hours per day)and there is no problem i have faced. can anyone explain me how is it possible or there any problem?
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  1. You won't know you have a problem until the ps dies. Delta is a pretty good brand, but you should start saving for a better brand: antec, seasonic, pc power and cooling, corsair, enermax, or ocz. 500w in one of those brands may be all you need.
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