Modern Warfare 2 Benchmarks Laptop 9700M GTS

Was bored, so I did some quick benchmarks for the first level and Ice level.

System Specs:

CPU: P7350 @ 2.00 GHZ (dual Core)
Ram: DDR3 @ 1066 4 Gigs
HDD: 7200 320 gig
VGA: 9700M GTS 512 Dedicated Vram
OS: Windows 7 Pro 64 bit

Game Settings:

1440x900 With 4X AA, Max Settings, Everything On except Frame capping

First Level: Min:20 fps Max:108 fps Avg:45 fps

Ice Level: Min:32 fps Max:140 fps Avg: 55 fps

Anyways its just as well optimized as the first MW, but also has more detail and effects, which can kill my system, like the 20 fps Smoke area in the first level.

The ice level is beautiful, not Crysis Beautiful, but still beautiful.
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  1. Hey L1qu1d long time no see :)
    Thanks for the benchmarks,fortunately its a well optimized game like MW1 as you said and that's why it performs well,good scores overall,and Smokes always lower down the FPS by a noticeable margin
  2. He has connections
  3. If you buy it in retail u get it earlier:) BUt It was released on Steam yesterday :D

    Here they had it in stores since Nov 10th:) Steam doesn't get it till the 11 or 12, because apparently it has a 48 hr agreement with activision.

    And thnx Maziar:) I've always been here, but didn't post:P since most of the time its off my cell phone, and too lazy:D
  4. Both cds working?
  5. Sarcasm doesnt play well on the net.
    Theyve had problems with the secong dvd I hear
    Im pretty sure L1qu1d would know this
  6. I was being sarcastic to L1qu1d heheh sorry, but its all good, and hope you get it soon, but do know, the 2nd dvd can be borked
  7. They worked fine:)

    Pisssed of alot off ppl when my Steam status updated:D haha.

    And I quote:

    "What? You have it? I preordered it Why don't I have it?"

    "F*ck Steam, I preordered it and you bought retail and you got it first?"

    "I hate you!"


    lol ALL DAY!
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