Which 775 sli mb ?

after months of frustration with my asus striker extreme mb Ive decided to bin it and get something more reliable, I dont want to change any other components just hopefully end up with a reliable system, any advice would be appreciated.

xp pro 32bit
intel q9400 cpu
antec 1000w psu
ocz 2x1gb sli mem
asus engts 250 dk x2

the overclocking ability of the board is not much of an issue for me,thanks fellas

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  1. ASUS P5Q series would be good
  2. thanks Maziar ,can u recommend any particular board ? I was looking at the ws version
  3. oops sorry,i didn't see you want a SLI board at first.
    Is your RAM DDR2 or DDR3,if its DDR2 then ASUS P5N-T Deluxe would be good
  4. yeh its ddr2,if I bought this board would I have to run round the block and then poke it with a stick for it to work like I do with the striker? Im getting very thin and the trees round here are looking threadbare.
  5. It looks like Ill get one of these,thanks for youre advice Maziar, much appreciated.
    cheers ,
  6. You are welcome :)
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