Why this heat?

Why is my nividia 8800 gtx sitting idle at 82c ??.................is this the norm for this card........should i run and get an egg?
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  1. Open the side of your case. Clean out the heatsinks and fans. Run the computer. Check the temperatures again. If the temp drops significantly, you probably have an airflow issue, and need to invest in some fans, and some time in cable management.

    If the temps are remaining high (and that seems pretty high for an idle temp) then there is something else at play.
  2. I would take it out and clean out the dust with some air to make sure its clean.

    If that doesnt work, take the side off your case. If that works, you have bad case airflow.

    If that doesn't work, you may want to take off the cooler, clean the GPU with a q-tip and alcohol then get some paste and reapply. I've seen this issue with older cards before and the factory paste sometimes squeezed out or gets really hard and doesn't transfer heat well anymore.
  3. 80-90ºC is average
    115ºC is threshhold
    127ºC burnout

    Some cards report 100ºC as threshold in Rivatuner, such as 8800GT.

    Remove the dust from the fan. Reapply thermal paste.
    Regulate the fan with Rivatuner.

    or EVGA Precision Tool if card is EVGA.
  4. Thanks guys for all the responses....I'll try all that you mentioned and follow up........Thanks again!
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