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Ok so i got my Coolermaster Storm Scout case today I added all my stuff in and it works great. I am currently running an AMD phenom 9600 2.30ghz, NVidia Geforce 9800gtx, with 3gigs of ram and a Xion 800 watt power supply. I will be upgrading my processor to a AMD phenom II x4 3.40 ghz, i would like to know what motherboard i should grab for that processor that will give me the best results in games, also i could use help on what RAM to throw in there as well, i think im gonna use DDR3 but im not sure on the speed or the brand. I probably will swap the power supply for a Cooler Master Silent Pro 1000w and im kind lost on what graphics card i should get since there are so many on the market now....any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks:)
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  1. See the form in my sig - if you fill it out, it will help us all out. You most likely don't need to upgrade your motherboard - if you say exactly what board you have, then we can tell for sure. First off, get a new CPU, then switch out the 1GB stick for one that matches the 2GB stick. Then, switch to the 750W TX or EA (not that you need that much, it will just allow you to keep it for several builds). Lastly, consider upgrading the GPU.
  2. Nice choice on the case! I have one myself... just be aware that some coolers will have issues fitting in that case. Unless you're buying a LOT more hardware than you're telling us about, the 1000 watt power supply will be a waste of your money and could be better used on upgrading other components. If you're planning on running dual ATI 5970s when they come out... well, that's another story... but for 99.9% of the people out there a 1000 watt PSU is overkill and is something they'll never fully utilize.
  3. Yeah I love the case so far Im just wondering if my Xion power supply is gonna last me...some people say its generic and isnt worth a far as my motherboard goes its an Nforce 520LE, i dont know anything about it, all i know is that it only has one pci-e slot so SLi or crossfire would be out of the question on really gearing towards the Phenom II x4 Black Edition 3.40ghz [...] u=A79-0965 and i kind of need a little advice on a motherboard and ram setup that will give me good results with MMO games like AION. these are a couple of motherboards that i have looked at [...] CatId=4296 and [...] tId=4296.I also know that my vid card is a little outdated and can use an upgrade...but i wanna start a solid base first and then replace the vid card. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  4. sorry i think i put broken links in there the motherboards that i was looking at were MSI 790FX-GD70 Motherboard or ASUS M4A79T Deluxe Motherboard. sorry again for the broken links:)
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