Samsung HD204UI formatted capacity?

OK, so I just got one of these new F4s, nominal capacity 2TB.
It's showing in W7 x64 (GPT style) as 934.41GiB :heink:

Of course, 2TB is not 2 TiB, I get that. And formatted capacities are always lower too.
But 2,000,000,000,000 / 1024 is still 1,953,125,000 and even allowing for formatting I should still havee a couple hundred more GiB on the drive, I reckon.

So, where'd the other half of my drive go? :sweat:

Any diagnostics, really obvious things I've missed and other helpful advice greatly appreciated.
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  1. What have you got in disk manager?
  2. A single 934GB partition that apparently occupies the entire drive.
    I think the problem might actually be the BIOS; I just checked and it's a) only auto detecting 1000GB and b) doesn't have a manual setting.
  3. Thanks, that thread looks promising.
    I guess it's a known issue with the BIOS? Ironically I only really came in here in the first place because I got a sudden bout of paranoia RE: the F4 after I noticed a bunch of threads about it's firmware...
  4. That capacity restore tool must not like W7x64 or something. I get an "error opening driver" error and then the selection window is all garbled. :(
  5. Woo! HDAT2 worked and my 2TB drive now reports its full capacity correctly. Thanks guys.
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