Asus M3A + RAM question

Hi all

So my PC is about 2 years old and it's time for a bit of an upgrade in RAM.

Currently I only have 2Gb RAM, and as I'm on a 64bit OS (Vista/Win 7), I may as well boost it up to at least 4Gb. I am hoping to benefit in app's such as photoshop and multitasking... though nothing like extreme gaming or such.

Current specs:
Quad core CPU: AMD Phenom X4 9650, 2.3 GHz
Motherboard: ASUS M3A (AM2+, DUAL DDR II, S-ATA II, 3 PCI, 2 PCI-E)
RAM: 2GB CORSAIR XMS2 800MHz 240pin PC2-6400 (2x 1Gb)
Graphics Card: Nvidia GEFORCE 8800GT

So my concern is that DDR2 RAM seems to have hiked up in price and I was too slow to invest in upping the RAM :(

My questions:

- Are there still any good deals for DDR2 RAM that will be compatible with my specs? If so, please link them (I'm in the UK :P).
- If it is a single (1x)2Gb RAM - is it best to place the single RAM chip in the first memory slot then my current 2x1Gb go in slots 2&3 or 2x1Gb in 1&2 and single 2Gb in slot 3?

I appreciate all your help!

Many thanks,
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