Please help with Overclocking i7 920 and RAM on DX58SO

I have read all the articles concerning my CPU and Motherboard (and they are a lot) but none of them are able to help me so please don't give me a link to another page :)

As my title says, I have:

Intel Desktop Board DX58SO (Not the Extreme Edition)
Power Supply - SilverStone STRIDER SERIES 1000Watts
i7 920 2.67GHz (with Corsair Hydro Series H50 CPU Cooler)
4 X 1GB RAM at 1333MHz (Princeton Jaguar - Triple Channel with Heatsink) 8-8-8-20

I just want to overclock my CPU at 3.6GHz or 3.8GHz if possible (because I saw in some threats that in order to overclock more that 3.6GHz it is advised to have a quicker frequency than 1333MHz of RAM) By the way is that true?

Also in another threat someone posted charts that indicate, that in order to make an i7 920 overclock you require to have at least 6GB of RAM (I only have 4GB and I cannot understand the reason, so its somewhat confusing because I didn't see this in other threats and that is why I don't wish you to point me another link for the solution) Is this true by the way?

And last but not least I would also like to overclock my RAM (If possible of course) I know my way around PC's but I'm the leader of all newbies in overclocking.

Please help me... step by step if possible. Thank you
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  1. Before anyone replies with OCing help

    4x1GB is not Triple Channel. You need 3x1 or 6x1 or 3x2 or 6x2 etc etc.

    Multiples of 3.

    3.6Ghz is a good OC for a 920 anyway, its one that most people hit assuming your 920 is D0 stepping.

    Download CPU-Z and check the stepping - tell us what you find, we should be able to help you from there.
  2. Also would it be better to remove one of the RAM in order to have 3x1 for triple channel? or its not worth the difference of dual to triple?

    Please help a desperate newbie
  3. The 3GB Triple channel will probably suffice, and the bandwidth is increased greatly when using 3 DIMMS vs 4 DIMMS. Although games are starting to use more and more RAM as time goes on.

    If you intend to OC a 920 having 6GB of RAM in Triple channel will be extremely beneficial to you.

    What cooler do you have? (This should've been my first question)
  4. I have the Corsair Hydro Series H50 CPU Cooler. Its pretty good actually, I have never seen my temperatures go above 44c even in games... I also have a very good case/air flow which is the Thermaltake Full Tower Element V Professional

    But can I OC with what I have?
  5. The answer to that is yes.

    And the best way for you to learn is from the ground up - this guide will teach you much better than I could.
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