You know your life sux when your brand new build doesnt turn on

i bulit this all the connections are fine. i have a gfx card , cd drive, and hdd already.

it will only start up for a second. then turn off. and it repeats it self.
i have spent 2 hours checking all the connections. dont say check the connections. i think its the ram that is dead.
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  1. I dont think its the RAM.... your link doesnt sport any kind of Graphics card of sort so I am assuming that you are using onboard graphics?? That might be the problem... have you downloaded all the proper drivers for your monitors, disk drives and even your motherboard driver?

    Also what OS are you using? Try updating your drivers and pls let me know what GPU you are using... right now it seems like its either a power problem.... you must check you bios for the stock settings.... maybe your plug is underpowered.... meaning the wall outlet might be 110w, where in Asia we have 220 to 240volts...... that could possibly be it as well depending on where you are...
  2. thepunishment check here.

    Umm liquidsnake how is he gonna check his BIOS, load drivers or much less an OS if the thing will not boot? :sarcastic:
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    Great link anort.

    Thepunshment : Could be your memory, but my guess is its likely your mobo. (corsair is making pretty good psu's these days so I doubt that is your problem)
    Go through the list, try some other ram (or even one stick or set), if that doesn't work, swap your motherboard.

    Also, did you use any aftermarket cooling? If so, if you hung them on there wrong, you can short out your board.
    Been there, done that.

    BTW, what video card are you using? It's not on the wish list.

  4. Have you powered up with the motherboard just sitting on a piece of cardboard? Although it's possible you have a bad motherboard/RAM/CPU, it's just as possible that you've got a short somewhere in your system. Just remove the PSU and motherboard and build the system on a piece of cardboard (or anything that doesn't conduct electricity)
  6. What was the problem?
  7. idk i kicked it and it worked
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