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Hi guys. I recently purchased an xfx 5770, along with some other new parts. I'm just about done installing everything, except for one thing.

When installing the xfx 5770, do I connect it directly to the power supply using a 1 x 6 pin or do I use the two molex pci-e adapters that came with the card?

Do I connect the card with these things or can I just connect it directly to the power supply?

I havent started her up yet but I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the help.
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  1. IF your power supply has a 6 Pin PCI-E power connector already, you will use that. The Molex to 6 pin adapter is for systems that do not have a 6 pin already.
  2. If ever faced with a choice of using an extra adapter or not then i would say that its virtually always better to not use one, and that goes for just about everything.

  3. Thx for the response. Anyway I installed the hardware, it booted up fine. Went to install windows XP and started to format the new hard drive. When it completed formatting, the computer died. :( It now only turns on for about a second before losing all power. What to do?
  4. I think you need to provide your new computer spec's, but it sounds like there's a short somewhere or not enough juice.
    Try unplugging all of your devices except your video, cpu, and 1 stick of ram and see if you can boot into your bios. you may want to double check your motherboard stand-offs and make sure there's not an extra one touching your board. Also double check your power connectors, one of them may have become loose if it wasn't seated properly.
    If you get into your bios, turn off yor pc and plug in your hard drive and boot up again. If your pc turns off again, there's your problem, but double check your power connectors first.
    I would still like to know your specs.
  5. Intel i5
    Gigabye GA-p55-ud3p
    xfx 5770
    4 gig ddr3 ram
    550w antec psu

    I turned the computer off for 10 mins, turned it back on and I got an error saying that windows couldn't be installed. When I went to restart, I couldn't get it to turn back on again. I'll try what you suggested and get back.
  6. So you are installing XP on a new system. Do you have a SATA drive? Did you use F6 to install a driver from the floppy during XP installation? Does your system have a floppy drive?
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