I cant find my memory card reader in my pc

I recently had a virus removed by a company, they fixed that but when I brought it home, I could not add pictures because when I inserted the memory card, the card reader program did not pop up. I called them and the IT guy did a remote by Team Viewer and he said he could see it, that it is in there but he could not get it to pop up. Can I do something to fix it or is that beyond my scope of knowledge? Can you tell me what to tell him when I call back or what to ask him to do to make it work. I need to add pics to sell my collectibles and it is very frustrating not to be able to do it. Thanks, Cathy
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  1. Open My Computer, does it show up as 4 drives removable storage ? If yes, it's accessible, you just have to guess which of the 4 your particular card is going to and write down the drive letter, just open each one. You can reinstall (repair or add if allows) your card reader software if that makes it easier on you or get a generic file handling software that is freeware (filehippo). Personally, I use the builtin Windows (File) Explorer whenever I transfer files.
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