Overclocking in the bios 5770??

Hello, i have been trying to overclock my his 5770 HD radeon. I would like to do it in the bios, for reasons is that software doesn't seem as reliable to handle overclocking my card 24/7. So i have been trying to overclock through the bios, using atiflash and RBE. I can't seem to get the overclocks to hold, i will flash the bios and when i start the computer back up in msi the clocks haven't changed. what do i have to do to get the overclocks to stay? i would like to push my card to 1050/1400 or close to that. any help would be appricated.

my specs:
gigabyte GA-z68XP-UD3P
intel i7-2600k @ stock
CM hyper 212 evo
16 gig of g.skill sniper 1833
dioblo tek 575w PSU
750 Hatichi sata III drive
cool master sniper case
windows 7 64 bit professional
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  1. using ati tray tool my hd6770 manage to hit 1010/1390 withou any artifact. So yours can too. Give it a try.
  2. i tried it and it didn't really work. Does anyone have an advice to this or should i just use Msi afterburner, and even if i use that it doesn't seem to work very well.
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