HP recovery, can I delete?

I attempted to get an answer to this question on an older thread, but got no answer so I thought I would ask again. I upgraded from Windows Vista to 7 on my laptop a

few months ago and it retained the HP Recovery partition (Drive D:), which I did not want ($30 upgrade with a verifiable student e-mail account, well worth it). I did a clean

install, so there is no HP software on my drive (thank goodness). Is it okay if I wipe it and use the space? Under properties it shows that I am using 10.4G of 11.9G, but

there are no files in this partition. Even if I unhide my files it has nothing. I have a system restore disk and I manually backup (image and data) on a regular basis. Regular

for me is about once every 1-2 weeks depending on what programs I have installed or uninstalled. I could really use the space on this laptop since it only has a 160G HDD.

Furthermore, I am planning on adding another HDD (probably a better one, but same size) in the future and will restore an image to the new drive and I want to be able

to format the old drive completely for maximum storage capacity.

PS. Any 2.5" HDD recomendations? I do not want SSD (imo tech still new to be considered as reliable compared to HDD). Should I go with 7200rpm or stick with current

5400rpm and is heat generation really a big difference? Im not sure of the brand of drive my laptop has now, but I do know it is 5400rpm w/ SATA I. I was thinking of

Saegate Momentus 7200.4 w/ 16MB cache or WD Scorpio Black 1600BEKT w 16MB cache. Both priced about $50 @newegg. The upgrade to 7200rpm would be ideal for the

speed factor, but I am concerned about heat. I know HP dv9000's have a rep for getting hot (I do leave it on most of the day though). I use a cooling stand and I try to

keep my vents clean. My PC does get hot on occation, but I rarely use it as a true portable device anymore since the battery is just about dead, so it pretty much stays on

the stand 99% of the time.

Type of drive question is not as important as the HP recovery question.
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    Delete the partition as it is a full system image of your old system (Windows Vista in this Case) you will not gain much space but it will be alright to delete. Also the reason you cannot see the files is because HP use there own software to hide them so they cannot be played with by the customer, the data's there alright it just cant be seen.
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