Nvidia 3d shinanigins...

Now I know this has been questioned several times via searching, however after reading 5 or 6 threads, nothing was seriously answered. ; )

I have a few questions that google couldn't resolve, if anyone could help me with it, it would be much appreciated.

1. I'm thinking of building a new compy. Is there any sort of deal you get where you can get the 3d Vision set up with an Nvidia card for a little bit cheaper? Sources say no, but I'm curious...

2. How great is the ingame effects? I've heard several reviewers ranting and raving over it, but I don't know how much I trust them, and I'd really like a few down to earth gamer's reviews...

3. Monitors. Any 120 Htz LCD will work, right? For some reason, I can sort by refreshrate on Newegg, but if I need to buy a monitor anyways, how much extra is it really?

And last 4. Is it really worth it? How much do you guys/girls that have it, use it? What about these 'Special 3d Videos' they're raving about? Obviously, my movies on here wouldn't be 3d, but is there a selection of places to go to download 3d movies, or maybe even some sort of converter that adds a slight 3d effect? I know it's unlikely, but a man can dream...

Anyways, thank's for your help! Appreciate it! I'm really curious, can't wait to pretend I have money and spend it all on a new system.
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    Hi there,

    Let me see if I can help you with this...

    1 - There's no way to get a cheap 3D Vision set up that I know of. You'll have to buy the glasses and you need a special display device. In my case, I'm running in a 50"DLP TV that is 3D ready. The other options are the two certified LCD monitors (Viewsonic and Samsung) and a 3D projector. Any of these will be expensive.

    2 - The game effects are truly amazing. The best way that I can describe it's like the display becomes a "window" to the game. It's almost like looking into a box that goes to infinite. Sometimes you have some "pop out" effects, but that depends a lot on the game you play. In Fallout 3 when you call the pip-boy it actually jumps in your face, but some other games gives you more depth other than pop-out effect.

    3 - No. If you go LCD route you'll have to buy one of the two certified monitors. To my knowledge it's not only the refresh rate that counts, but some kind of ability of the display to receive two simultaneous images through DVI/HDMI.

    4 - To me it's worth. But it depends on the games that you play. Fallout 3, Prototype, Bioshock, L4D, HL2, Burnout, DMC, RE5 looks really nice, but the best of the best is Batman AA. Running that beauty in 3D and with Phsyx effects is just awesome. Now, if you ask me if it's absolutely necessary, then I would say no. I only bought the glasses because I already had a DLP 3D TV. If I had to buy the glasses and the monitor I don't know if I would've. Like I said, some games are great and takes the gameplay to a new level... In others, it's a nice to have.

    In addition, keep in mind that you will need some decent firepower to run 3D. Rule of the thumb is that you'll get half of the framerate that a regular LCD would give. If you don't have a GTX260+ or better, I wouldn't even bother... You can run with 9800GT and on, but you will limit yourself to older games that are not so demanding on framerate.
  2. Thank you so much! That was actually incredibly helpful. As I'm thinking of building a new desktop anyways, I'll definetly have to keep this in mind. When I need to get a new video card as well as monitor, I may as well just make sure they're 3d compatible then get the glasses when I get the chance.

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