ATI HD audio compared to On Board HD Audio

Question 1: my monitor has a hdmi to DVI cable, and my video card has to DVI inputs. If i get a hdmi to hdmi cable with a hdmi to dvi adapter, will i then be able to use my ATI HDMI sound? I'm not really clear how this works...Would I just keep my speakers plugged into my motherboard and it would use the drivers from the video card, or am I not understanding this?

Question 2: My motherboard has on board HD audio. would using ATI's produce better sound?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. This isn't very clear.

    What output(s) does your GPU have? What input(s) does your monitor have?

    If you have links to the exact models it may help.

    If you monitor does not have an HDMI input then you won't get sound to it. Also, it sounds like your speakers are seperate from your monitor. Is that the case? If they are not connected directly to or built into the monitor then there really isn't any point in trying to get the audio to the monitor.
  2. Yea, my speakers are seperate from my monitor. This is what I wasn't clear on. Must sound stupid, but I thought there was a way to utilize the HD audio from my ATI card to output to my 5.1 speakers. So the ATI audio would just output to my crappy monitor speakers?
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    The audio would output via HDMI or some can do DVI from what I've read. So yeah, unless you have a receiver that can fit in between the GPU and monitor it would go to whatever is connected to the monitor.
  4. oh i get it now.. thanks! you think it would be a marked improvement over the onboard HD audio?
  5. I have not used it so I have no idea. Maybe someone else here can give you more info or you could always try to google it and see if anyone has any comments on how your GPU performs for this.
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