Phenom II 945 3.5 to 3.6 Ram question

I have my Phenom II deneb overclocked to 3.5GHz (not the B.E.deneb has locked multi) I dropped the multi to 14x so the ram timings would be normal everyday ram frequencies like 1333, 1600, instead of using 15x and getting like 1403mhz 1610 etc...when uping the cpu to 3.6 mhz just more comfortable to me to see familiar numbers, little OCD i guess.
So 14xx250 =3.5mhz
ddr3 ram G.Skill running at 1333mhz timings 7-7-7-21 (i would think the quality might matter so this is my ram,I also right now have another 4 gig in two slots, that is the same ram in everything except look it doesnt have the heat-spreeder but I ran tests and gives me no problems so I didnt see what was terribly wrong with it until I buy two more of those sticks even though ususally I wouldnt mix)
Well being that the temps stay in low 40c range I wanted to start trying a little more so now I have the cpu at 15x X 240 3.6mhz well I did not touch the ram settings all though they dropped to 1280mhz I believe but the system froze, so I went back set timings to auto, and put ram to 1600mjz (stock basically. Well I booted up and so far so good, I need to run a longer Prime just for my own sake, but my questions is do you think I am going to see anymore speed, or did I probably even things out with the change in Ram? If you think maybe trying some diffrent timings is worth it let me know please.
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  1. The CPU multiplier does not impact the memory divider.

    If you have DDR3 1600, your sweet spot is the system clock at 240MHz. In order to run your RAMs at spec speed, you simply drop the divider from 8.00 to 6.67 - - - 6.67x240MHz=1600MHz

    With the stock CPU multiplier: 15x240MHz=3.6GHz
  2. Its currently running at 1600mhz according to my Bios and Cpu-Z. I was just mentioning when I change the multiplier and fsb speed to diffrent mhz on my cpu that the ram sometimes changes to diffrent mhz than the typical 1333mhz, or 1600mhz, and I usually adjust it to so when I look in cpuz, or my bios its a mhz I am used to, but its not the issue i am worried about to be honest but thank you. My concern Is at 3.5ghz my ram timings are 7-7-7-20 at 1333mhz and now at 3.6mhz they are at 1600mhz so A. Am I gaining, staying the same, or lossing peformance with my ram timings changing etc...or does anyone think I might be able to dial the ram timings down al little bit and get stability.

    Just in case anyone wants to see these settings
    multi: 15x
    bus speed: 240
    HT link 1920
    NB 1920
    Volts 1.42

    V card:4850x2
    mobo: m4a78t-e
    ram g.skill 12gm 1600mhz 1.52v
    950 watt thermaltake power supply
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    I suspect your memory would be on *Auto* and it is self-adjusting. By setting your speed and timings manually (to spec) you may gain some stability.

    You should raise your NB/IMC to 10x240MHz or 2400MHz (leave your HT as detailed). You may bump your NB volts to 1.2-1.25v if necessary.

    For each 10% you raise the IMC/NB above stock 2000MHz, memory bandwidth is increased 3-4% and latency is reduced 3-4%. This should compensate for any impact in the timings.

    Here is my C2 PhII 945 at 14x250 with Crucial DDR3 1333

    If I recall, I was running 1.3875v or so (with C&Q enabled) -- temps never beyond low-50s with load.

    I could go higher but it was definite AMD 'volt wall' territory. Squeezing another 200MHz or so just wasn't worth it in terms of volts and temps.
  4. Okay I will try some of your advice the NB voltage I have not changed, and also ya after tanking the the cpu from 3.5 to 3.6 it crashed on way to OS so I switched Ram to Auto just to get here see what CPUz had to say and then try to figure out what I needed to adjust and were I could take my timings to So I guess I will try your adjustments and start somewere with 8.8.8. etc timings and see were that gets me., Great advice
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